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Idaho mom was a nuclear scientist

AP news coverage God works in mysterious ways. You may have heard that a Walmart store in Idaho was killed by a two year old. Hold on a second – that’s not right. The child did not shoot the store, … Continue reading

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Crime in the Big City

6 days of data (source: Charlotte Observer) What – me worry? Remember that the primary purpose of government and newspapers is to scare you. Let’s have a look at homicide for the past 6 months – Charlotte’s population is about … Continue reading

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“White Label” News

January will see the arrival of the much anticipated generic top of the hour news. Cumulus is dropping ABC News and Westwood One (owned by Cumulus) ended NBC Radio News on December 14th. To save costs, Cumulus will be using … Continue reading

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“Honorable” end to combat in Afghanistan

President Obama’s “Smart” war in Afghanistan is over. Of course, the objective of killing Osama Bin Ladin had nothing to do with Afghanistan, as he was found in a safe house in Pakistan, being protected by the Pakistani secret police. … Continue reading

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A Holiday gift for Android users

Securenet is one of the survivors in the radio streaming business. Unlike iHeartRadio, Rdio, SiriusXM, Tunein, Stitcher, etc – aggregators who put many stations in one App, Securenet sells apps to stations one at a time. Joining an aggregator just … Continue reading

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The Murder of ABC Radio

The major market ratings came out today. The suffocation of the former ABC AM radio stations continues * New York * WABC-AM – 1.5% share (-0.3) Now half the audience of NPR WNYC-FM WPLJ-FM – 2.1 (-0.4) OK, it’s FM … Continue reading

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End of tracking sporting events

Last night, while “checking” to see if John Bachelor was still on WABC-AM in New York, I noticed the entry said Seaton Hall College Basketball might be on the air instead. It occurred to me that I haven’t heard live … Continue reading

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Jurisdiction and the Rule of Law

Imagine that you’re driving down a residential street – and when you stop at a stop sign, a person in a car labeled “official government business” pulls you over. They walk up to your window and I announce – “hello, … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight

While people are distracted, Cumulus Media announced the post-holiday replacement for Larry Elder on KABC-AM in Los Angeles from 3-6 PM Pacific Time. Dr Drew Pinsky and a sidekick do a two hour show on Westwood One from 1-3 AM … Continue reading

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Looking back on energy policy

Should you ever think Jimmy Carter is not a moron, reread his energy speech from 1977 Carter advises that all of the world’s oil resources will be gone by 1990, and the solution is to force electric utilities to … Continue reading

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