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Did your local radio station start to suck this week?

A surprisingly large number of local radio stations still rely on syndicated music formats – that used to be provided by several competing companies. All of those competitors are now owned by Cumulus Media under the Westwood One branding. Those … Continue reading

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Dirk Van gets to sleep in late now Dirk Van has been the host of First Light for a very long time. First Light and America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon are essentially the same show, but with different hosts and Pedigrees. First Light goes back … Continue reading

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Cumulus swings the axe at Westwood One Cumulus has moved the old Westwood One 24 hour music formats to its own platform it uses to distribute Nash Country. Who needs to waste money on experts that have been doing a specific genre of music for 30 … Continue reading

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Savage and Levin have a new boss – from Air America Bill Hess was Senior VP of programming at Air America. John Dickey considers him to be one of the smartest men in Talk Radio as most of the former ABC radio stations plunge down to 1% shares or below. … Continue reading

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Open WYD

Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann have a new boss. inside Radio It’s convoluted and I don’t really follow it. They were originally working for Jones Radio, which was acquired by Dial Global, which merged with Westwood One, which was acquired … Continue reading

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Don Imus gives Fox the Biz back

Fox Business News just found out Don Imus is leaving Cable TV in 30 days. Currently, the show is a simulcast originating from the New York studios of Fox. Presumably, he will continue to do the Cumulus radio show. I … Continue reading

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A strange day for radio

Who knew? Andy Parks was on WWRC-AM in Washington DC because the Washington Times newspaper was paying Salem Radio. Salem needs more revenue than the Washington Times was willing to pay, so he is history. Salem doesn’t subscribe to Neilsen … Continue reading

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Dr Laura Savage gets contract with WKRP

Michael Savage extends contract One of the more memorable and more important episodes of the TV show WKRP concerned unqualified people on the radio giving out advice. Jennifer, the station’s receptionist was dragged into the studio in an emergency and … Continue reading

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Randall Bloomquist has had enough

Randall Bloomquist is a radio consultant type guy. I don’t know much about him other than a vague memory of reading something he wrote and not thinking much of it – it was a lot of spin that was fact … Continue reading

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“White Label” News

January will see the arrival of the much anticipated generic top of the hour news. Cumulus is dropping ABC News and Westwood One (owned by Cumulus) ended NBC Radio News on December 14th. To save costs, Cumulus will be using … Continue reading

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